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Mold Removal FAQ

What is mold remediation?

Mold remediation is the process of clearing up mold from an indoor environment such as a house or office.

What causes mold to grow indoors?

Molds are a natural part of the outdoor environment. However, when mold spores land on damp surfaces indoors they can cause mold to grow inside. Providing that there is moisture, molds can grow on a variety of surfaces such as wallpaper, tiles, painted surfaces and carpet.

Can mold cause health complications?

Yes, mold can cause a number of health problems as molds produce allergens, irritants and in some serious cases even toxins. This means that touching, eating and inhaling mold can cause irritations and hayfever-like symptoms.

How do I get rid of mold?

The first step that you should take is to resolve the moisture problem. Once this is resolved, visible mold can be cleaned away using damp cleaning methods and a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Can I use bleach to clean away mold?

While bleach is good at killing and discoloring mold, it does not actually remove it. It is more important that mold is removed than killed as even dead mold can still produce allergens.

Cleaning Services

While many may think that a housekeeping service is reserved for the rich, having a company come even just occasionally can free up a lot of your time and take away an equal amount of your stress.

When you start looking into housekeeping companies, it may feel overwhelming due to the large amount of options available. Thanks to the internet, a number of these options can be taken off the list through reading online reviews. You can also usually ask companies to provide references of customers that are using their services both currently and previously. While you are discussing options with the service provider, ensure that you ask whether the staff have criminal record checks completed during their hiring process.

You will also need to figure out when the optimal time would be to have someone come to our house to clean and base the extent of their work on what we can afford. Many companies have options where if you book multiple times a month or if you choose one day a week for an extended period of time you can get a discount. Make sure that you discuss the options available with the prospective companies.

Each housekeeping service provides different options when it comes to keeping your home clean. Their cleaner may just mop floors, dust and clean windows or they may do more comprehensive work like bringing in a carpet cleaner. Make sure that you know what you need to have cleaned on a regular basis prior to beginning your search.